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©2017 by Conference on Poverty and Inequality at the Harvard Kennedy School. 

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The Conference on Poverty and Inequality focuses on social issues, public policy, and community activism relating to social and economic inequality in the United States. With an array of experts and seasoned practitioners, this multidisciplinary forum explores underlying causes of inequality, and offer rigorous discussion of strategies and solutions.


Over the past two years, the Conference on Poverty and Inequality has rapidly grown into a leading platform for students, alumni, faculty and policy practitioners across Harvard and the Boston area, who are interested in addressing issues that affect the poor and marginalized in America. This year’s theme, “Uniting Against Poverty: New Alliances and Partnerships,” strives to highlight non-traditional partnerships that bring fresh solutions to the country’s longstanding fight against poverty.

The Conference on Poverty and Inequality is entirely run by students across the graduate schools of Harvard. It is supported through grants provided by the research centers and institutions at Harvard, and the generosity of our community partners who share our vision for an equitable society.

Meet the Team​​

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  • Keldon Bester, HKS, Fundraising Manager

  • Aliya Bhatia, HKS, Content Manager

  • Emily Blatter Boyer, HGSE, Content Manager

  • Adeel Chaudry, HSPH, Content Manager

  • Emily Damon, HSPH, Content Manager

  • Sophie Feldman, HKS, Logistics Manager

  • Maya Kiel, HSPH, Content Manager

  • Michael Mcintosh, HKS, Content Manager

  • Sarah Mehrota, HGSE, Content Manager

  • Micah Melia, HKS, Content Manager

  • Steven Olender, HKS, Content Manager

  • Adam Schaffer, HKS, Content Manager

  • Megan White, HKS, Content Manager​

  • Rachel Wilensky, HKS, Content Manager

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